Lifelong Learning is not confined to the school system

Español: El Aprendizaje a lo Largo de la Vida no se limita al sistema escolar
 Lifelong Learning Systems
"As the lead UN agency in education, UNESCO helps countries develop and reform their education systems at all levels -- from early childhood through primary, secondary, post-secondary to higher education -- in all settings (formal, non-formal and informal) and for children, youth and adults.
UNESCO offers expertise in the planning and management of education systems to help countries provide quality lifelong learning for all.
This involves strengthening countries’ capacities to provide inclusive education. It also means offering technical support in the formulation and implementation of education policies that respond to contemporary challenges, and are relevant for work and all aspects of life."
- UNESCO. Read more here

The infographic shown above, included in UNESCO's page on the World Education Forum 2015 (Incheon, Republic of Korea, 19-22 May 2015) is misleading. It conveys the idea that Lifelong Learning:

(a) focuses on young people and adults,  
(b) refers mainly to learning that takes place in the school system, and  
(c) goes from pre-primary to upper secondary education, including technical and vocational education, and literacy education.  

In fact, Lifelong Learning:

(a) Refers to learning that occurs throughout life, "from the womb to the tomb". Learning is seen as a continuum in the life cycle of every individual and as an organizing principle for education and learning policies. It does not refer to any specific age; it covers all ages, from birth to death.

(b) Is not confined to the school system. It is life-long and life-wide. It encompasses all forms of learning, in and out of school, in formal, non-formal and informal learning environments.

(c) Includes all levels and modalities of the education system, from early childhood education to higher education.

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