Rwanda: A blog is born!

Kigali, Rwanda. These are five of the six Rwanda CapEFA team members - Jeanine (coordinator), Charles, Immaculate, Josephine, and Palatin (Alex could not join us today) - in charge of monitoring and capacity-building activities for adult literacy at provincial level. The picture was taken by me at the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) in Kigali.

Why the happy faces and the celebration? Because we managed to creat a blog and learn how to do it. The idea came to my mind yesterday during the workshop: why not create a blog for the programme and for the team?. Alex was the only one in the team who knew about blogs and was familiar with them. None of them thought it could be so easy to create one. And for me, it was my first time teaching how to create a blog to a group of people.

Creating the blog ended up being the closing activity of this week's two-day CapEFA workshop that I facilitated at MINEDUC.

It took us two hours to create it, including the opening of a Gmail account and a step-by-step explanation from my side. Then, it took us one hour to upload the first post as well as some pictures taken during the workshop.

Next step will be feeding the blog and each one of them creating a personal one. I am sure they will manage. It is now just a matter of continuing to explore the Internet and to learn on their own.

A great way to finalize a capacity-building workshop for a capacity-building team and a capacity-building project, and a great way to honour an adult literacy programme!

A happy day for all of us engaged.

Kigali, Rwanda, 17 November 2010

Related study

- Rwanda: Study of literacy needs and programmes for youth and adults (2005) by Anthony Okech and Rosa María Torres with the collaboration of Alexander Lyambabaje, Genevieve Mukandekezi and Timothy Njoroge. Rwanda Ministry of Education (MINEDUC), [Paris]: UNESCO, 2005.

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Cap EFA dijo...

Dear Rosa Maria,

Many thanks for your support,

This is the way you drew for Cap EFA Program to share best practices and connect capacities worldwide in non formal education.

Again thanks

Keep in touch


Anónimo dijo...

Dear Dr Rosa Maria,

Thank you very much of your good collaboration and the good picture.

Your stay here in Rwanda left a lot of knowledge in all Rwanda cap EFA team.

We remain very grateful you for your qualities of a good moderator, good facilitator, good to collaborator.

We make everything to enrich and improve more the blog, indeed that need your frequent advice this time we manage this blog as a new user.

Otherwise, I demand if it’s possible to change/ translate the text of your post in French or in English?
We try to send e-mails to Josephine, if possible you can change her address in your contact (

A lot gratitude to you.

Thank you.

Provincial Officer – Southern Province
MINEDUC-UNESCO Cap EFA Programme in Literacy
UNESCO Office in Nairobi
P.O. BOX 381, Kigali, Rwanda
Mobile: +250 (0) 788 624340


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